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Poonamis and reusable nappies

A few weeks ago, we got an unexpected but very pleasant visit from a mum in need of some nappy help.  We don’t get many visitors but it’s lovely when we get to see customers in real life.  This mum had absolutely had enough of her daughter's nappies leaking and she wanted some help and advice from us.

You may be forgiven for thinking that the nappies she was having problems with were reusable.  They were not.  She was turning to us to see if reusables could give her a solution to her problem and after a conversation and some guidance from our team, she is now successfully using her reusables and the leaks are history.

But reusable nappies leak too don’t they?

Well yeah, nappies can leak and the reasons are generally the same for both single use and reusable – fit or absorbency.  You can pretty much eliminate the affectionately named ‘poonami’ when you’re using a reusable because unlike single use nappies, they tend to have elastic at the back which is super effective when it comes to containment of poop*

My own daughters have been out of nappies for many years now yet I have very vivid memories of an instance of gastroenteritis my poor baby girl was suffering with.   I quickly decided that for this period, single use nappies would be better all-round.  That was until ‘the incident’ happened. 

Although my daughter had this awful bug, she wasn’t particularly poorly with it and was getting on with her normal baby play whilst I kept her home until she was well again.  As with most parents, I had a million plates to spin, so I put her in the baby walker whilst I got on with juggling balls and spinning my plates.

After a short while, she became a little bit upset so I went to pick her up and [I am cringing as I recall of this moment] she was covered up to her arms in poop and needed hosing down!  What a mess.  I quickly decided that single use nappies were not the answer to this problem and reverted to our Baba+Boo nappies and didn’t experience a single explosion after that.  

So, leaks are not unique to reusable OR disposable nappies. We have lots of similar tales from customers who have solved leak problems they were facing with disposable nappies by making the switch to reusables.  Fitting them correctly and ensuring the right level of absorbency is key to eliminating leaks.

We are always happy to help anybody make the switch to reusable, we even offer a risk-free way of giving them a try with our very popular Nappy Trial Scheme.

* caveat - I do say 'pretty much' but some babies have been known to out-poop reusables too!


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