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The benefits of renting children's clothing

There are hundreds of ‘must have’ items that are marketed to parents of babies and young children that we don’t really need but clothing and footwear is definitely one of life's essentials.


It won’t surprise you to hear that little ones outgrow 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years!  On average in the UK, families spend £8,805 per year* on clothing alone.  That amount is eye watering.

In my community of friends, family and neighbours, we have a clothes sharing policy, clothes that are too small get passed onto the next child and I’m still seeing items of clothing in the school playground that were my now 15 year old god-daughters and they are still looking pristine.

That’s all well and good if you have a circle of ‘sharers’ happy to give and receive clothes and shoes that still have plenty of life left in them but not everybody has access to this kind of thing.  

That’s where clothing rental services help.  We asked Fiona of Bundlee, a clothing rental subscription service to tell us a little bit more about the service they provide.  

Bundlee was founded by Eve Kekeh, Eve recognised just how quickly her younger siblings were growing, their home was overrun with mountains of baby clothes!  With no more space in the attic to store them and no more friends with younger children to pass them on to, it was starting to create a bit of a problem with space in their house!

We know parents face a lot of challenges in the first years; soaring bills, homes overflowing with baby ‘stuff’ and general organisational challenges – all when you are at your most time (and energy!) poor. 

It’s quite startling to know that over 50,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill each year, much of this is perfectly good clothing that could have many years of wear left in it.   Even more startling to know is just how many items of unworn baby clothes are piled up in wardrobes in the UK (183 million items!)

Bundlee’s simplistic subscription plan - “Choose, Wear, Swap, Clean” allows parents to rent from a beautiful selection of clothing for their children, swapping when children need the next size up and Bundlee professionally clean the returned clothing ready to be used by another family. Simple.

Choosing to rent not only saves the planets resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 86% and saving 7kg of CO2 emissions each month of rental, allows parents to be more organised, prevent that wardrobe build up by saving space and also saves a whole lot of money too.

Bundlee are offering Baba+Boo customers a free 30 day trial using the code Baba30.
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