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Real Nappy Week 2017: Changing Nappies Changing Lives Part IV

For the fourth year running, we are celebrating Real Nappy Week by raising awareness of the plight of families who live and work on rubbish dumps. We are proud to be partnering with The Small Steps Project once more.

This is something that we do every year, this being our fourth year running and it is very close to our hearts. And we love that our customers new and old believe in it too. We will not be offering discounts during this week. Instead we will instead make a donation to The Small Steps Project worth 15% of its total sales.

15 million people in the developing world survive by salvaging waste, many of them are young children forced to scavenge to survive. The older ones miss out on school so they can contribute to their family's income; the youngest ones are babes in arms whose mothers have no choice but to carry their tiny newborn babies onto the landfill sites in order to work, with limited access to clean water and sanitation. The Small Steps Project works with families in Cambodia, Laos and Romania living at landfill sites, to provide aid to protect the workers from the immediate dangers on the rubbish dumps - from shoes and gloves to mosquito nets, food and water.

Amy Hanson, the founder of Small Steps Project explains: “At Small Steps Project we believe in supporting mothers with childcare so that they can still work, but not expose their children to the risks. We provide mother and baby support groups, antenatal doctors and medical care, a centre where they can clean and care for their babies and nannies for the day centres.”

All of our work at Baba+Boo is about keeping nappies out of rubbish dumps and this feels like the perfect way to combine our values with the profile that Real Nappy Week gives cloth nappies and to do some good at the same time.  Baba+Boo are a business that cares, we want to make a difference wherever we’re able to and working with Small Steps Project fits with our ethos, we have a natural synergy as we’re both trying to make a difference to the world we live in”

It is easy to see how far the donations will stretch when you look at the figures below that The Small Steps Project have provided;

  • A nanny in Cambodia costs £5 a day
  • A doctor costs £20 a day
  • Formula costs £3 a day
  • Nappies costs £6 a day
  • A washing machine cost £200
  • £1.94 would buy a mosquito net to protect a child from malaria.

So, the purchase of just one nappy from us could buy a mosquito net to protect a child from malaria.  You can stop 900 nappies going to landfill and save a life.

Will you change a nappy and change a life this Real Nappy Week?


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