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Real Nappy Week 2011: What a week!

I think we under-estimated Real Nappy Week, it was crazy..still reeling about the response we had for our nappies. I think my husband is still in the storeroom asleep after the all-nighters we did packing orders.

We hastily have ordered more and are very happy that our Limited Edition nappies are almost upon us, after all our hard work, with the hardest work being selecting fabric. We are soon to be designing our own fabric, which we are really excited about. they may be some let us know if you have any ideas of what patterns of nappies you'd like to see.

The best news of all is that our nappies have passed the test..we recently put our Baba+Boo nappies through some pretty rigorous testing with a well known QC company to ensure all our nappies are free of nasty things not good for your little babies. We are delighted to announce all our nappies passed all the tests with flying colours and we now have plenty of certificates tucked under our Baba+Boo belt .. Well done us x
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