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Our advent gift to you and our planet

Earlier this year I wrote a blog urging you to buy less stuff. It resonates more than ever when all the Black Friday emails come flying around.

I don’t sit at my desk thinking how I can sell more nappies, I am more often than not pondering (whilst doing 17 other things), how we as a business can empower you to make a difference to our world and make small steps together to make a big difference. Especially when we are in the fight of our lives to reverse the damage to our climate. 

We were chatting at HQ about how wonderful our customers are and what we can send out in our December orders this year. We usually send out chocolate but something came to my mind after chatting with Jess from The Floral Fox. 

 "Let's plant trees instead of giving chocolate out!" 

So, with that said, any order that you place with us in December, you'll be helping Matt and his team at the Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a tree. The Eden Reforestation Project is a non profit organisation that works in developing countries to rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation, whilst also training local people to plant the trees and look after them. It is the poorest in our society who suffer the worst of climate change and live in severe poverty. Planting trees and saving lives is their mission and we are so pleased that we could collaborate with them.

I always say at Baba+Boo, we are not just changing nappies, we are changing lives. I am always full of gratitude that we do that together as one big team.


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