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Our weekend activities

As you all know it's activities month and we are all trying something new whether rain or shine....this week the weather has been so hit or miss....

So Saturday came and our plans to go strawberry picking were scuppered. It was raining, obviously, it's the middle of June. I usually dread the days we don’t have anything planned, they tend to drag and we all get bored and I just want to fast forward to bedtime…which I feel awful about.

So my husband said, let's change our mindset and embrace the day. Seth got the Lego out and asked if we could make something. I will never turn that down, as I love Lego more than he does. Good thing about today was, Louisa wanted to join in and loved the mini figures. Love how she is into little things now and figures instead of just wanting to destroy them...makes the arguments dim a little.

It was teeming down outside but we decided we were fed up of playing indoors and got all kitted out with raincoats and wellies. We went puddle hunting, which really wasn’t that hard considering that it had not stopped raining for what feels like days. The guys absolutely loved it and loved how wet they were. It was the most fun I’ve had with them in ages and they were still giggling when they were going to bed. I loved it but the best bit was getting our pj’s on straight after and getting cosy. I think that will be our regular rainy day activity from now on…free and the closest Louisa can get to water until her eye gets better after her operation.

Fathers Day came with the obligatory lie in for Daddy, not sure he counts 8.30 a lie in but it is when I have been up for 2 hours already! We’d made him a lovely breakfast and then went out for a walk to feed the horses in a nearby field. Our wellies have come good this weekend…in June.  It’s been a brilliant weekend and we have not had to spend a penny, which is always a bonus.

Please let what I am reading in the papers be true when they say we are heading for a glorious July where I am hoping my activities blog will be full of paddling pools, painting outside, bug hunting and of course the odd glass of Prosecco thrown in.

So I am going to challenge you to spend half a hour this week being led by the end of your child....maybe you'll embrace your inner child and have fun with Lego too?

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