A Baba+Boo visit to Early Essentials Manchester - Baba+Boo

A Baba+Boo visit to Early Essentials Manchester

Earlier this week we visited local charity, Early Essentials Manchester to hand deliver a donation of Baba+Boo nappies.  Early Essentials provide newborn moses basket starter packs for some of the most vulnerable pregnant women in local communities, who have been identified by their health or social care professional as being in great need.

We had the opportunity to help pack some of the baskets and had a chance to chat to the incredible volunteers to learn more about the valuable work they do.  In the couple of hours we were there we learnt so much and came away with huge admiration for the work that is being done to help vulnerable women and their babies right on our doorstep.  We were blown away by what goes into putting one of their starter packs together, not only the contents of each pack but the thought, care and love that goes into each and every basket. 

It was great to see where our donation was going as an addition to the items in the baskets and how our nappies could help.


We have 30 boxes of 50 nappies that we would like to go to local community groups.  Do you know of any charities or organisations local to you that would benefit from a box of our nappies please click here to fill out your details.

If you would like to learn more about the fantastic work Early Essentials do and a list of items you can donate, you can find them here;

Early Essentials




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