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Our very much loved nappies

We absolutely love that our nappies are seen as collector items and that they’re sold on after your babies have grown out of them, this means fewer nappies ending up in landfill. This is why we set up Baba+Boo, to reduce the amount of waste and to help parents live simpler, more sustainable lives.


However, increasingly we’re seeing a number of nappies being sold on, unused, for inflated prices. We’re not here to judge or blame, and we know that everyone's circumstances are different, especially in these testing times. However, seeing our ‘Brave’ nappy, which was never available for sale and donated to help those in need, selling for 3x the price, has led us to speak out. 

Baba+Boo was established to help parents and to help the planet. Selling on our nappies at higher prices not only inflates the prices of the second-hand market, making sustainable and reusable products more expensive, but this is also a headache for our customer service team with a few customers seeking ‘perfect’ nappies to sell on. We're working with a skeleton team in a time of high demand, so this extra pressure means time is taken away from those who need our help. 

We want to keep the cost of reusables down, to encourage more parents to get started with them. So, this is a plea from all of us here at Baba+Boo, to join us in living our values by being kind to people and the planet.

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It would be nice if companies like yours rereleased their most popular prints every so often. That way people who start using cloth don’t feel ripped off by people holding retired prints that they really like. I’m thinking Constellation and Northern Lights, I would love using them but people sell them preloved or new for ridiculous prices and I started using cloth both for the planet and my wallet :(


I sold the newborn diapers second-hand because I was afraid that they could be damaged when stored. They were like new after about two months of use and yet I sold half the price … I believe that this way I contributed to the diapers being used again in at least one more baby.
Keep up with your excellent work …one pf the most affordable diapers we have in Portugal and with fantastic quality.


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