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An order came through last week with a note attached. It was short, sweet and it made our day. It simply read “Could you please avoid using plastic when packaging my order? Thanks!”

Baba+Boo Blog - Our take on plastic packaging

To the lovely customer who sent this - let’s call you Lizzie - thank you. Thank you for caring, thank you for being nice about it, and thank you for inspiring us to copy you.

Sometimes little actions have a big impact. Big retailers won’t reduce the amount of packaging, and the materials they use, until they know that customers care.

That simple little note makes it very clear that you care. The plastic-addicted retailer who reads it will think about the implications of ignoring you. Will you buy from them again? Probably not. Will it influence your opinion of their brand? Oh yes. Does it start to make commercial sense to reconsider how they package their goods? Uh-huh.

For the record, Baba+Boo doesn’t use plastic packaging, and it was lovely to be able to message Lizzie to say how we do things. Our packaging is made from recycled paper. You won’t find our nappies in individual packaging. It’s silly to send out ten or 20 nappies to one customer with the same information on ten or 20 wraps. If you buy a bundle, you’ll receive a nappy manual instead.


I ordered my first Christmas presents this week. There was a little box at the bottom of the screen that said ‘Do you want to add a note to your order?’ Yes, I did. I added a note, and it read: “Could you please avoid using plastic when packaging my order? Thanks!”


Thanks Lizzie x

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