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One nappy can change the world

Do you know someone who would like to switch to reusables but is overwhelmed? Last year we ran a giveaway and were flooded with entries, so we've decided to do it again so we can help more people start their journey. Read on to find out more.

We often get asked how many nappies you need to get started with reusables, and we have an answer that surprises most people!

If you google 'How to get started with reusable nappies', there are over 12 million results. And amongst these are different types of nappies, differing advice on washing, and lists of what you need. There is a high chance that after a few clicks you will feel overwhelmed with it all. We know because we talk to flustered parents-to-be and new parents asking us to decipher the information.

Our advice? You only need one reusable nappy to get started. That's all.

We sell reusable nappy starter kits and bundles, but just using one can make a difference.

Lots of parents we speak to feel guilty every time they put a single-use nappy in the bin. Yet they think that moving to reusables is just too much hassle. We get that. Completely. Changing habits is hard. There is a disconnect between what we think we should do and what we actually do. And we blame ourselves for it. The shame kicks in. We feel we have failed. We must go to the gym more, stop eating chocolate, leave social media… but the majority of us never do.

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, says that 9 out 10 New Year’s resolutions fail. This is why we find change hard because we have such negative experiences of trying and failing. But what if we stop judging ourselves and instead of reaching for one big change, break it down into tiny changes.

Using one reusable nappy a day is a tiny change. Use it when you are having a day at home or at the weekend. It is one less nappy you have put in the bin that day, so you can ease your guilt. Getting started with one means you can spread the cost too. You can add more nappies into your stash monthly as you get more confident with them.

That tiny change could lead to more. We see this time and again in our community where starting small can lead to other sustainable swaps. This blog from Laura talks about how one swap led to another. It's a lovely read.

Do you know someone who would like to switch to reusables but is overwhelmed? We have 20 Reusable Nappy and Small Reusable Nappy Bag sets to giveaway and would love to send them to parents-to-be or parents who want to give them a go. 

To nominate simply comment below nominating yourself or someone else, and tell us why you would like to win.

We’ll pick the winners on May 31st. 

Competition terms are here.

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I would like to nominate my sister. She has just had her second baby and like many mums is a superwoman! It was her birthday on Monday and didn’t really get the birthday she deserved with a two week old very hungry baby making doing anything special difficult but she is the most selfless person I know in most aspects so obviously didn’t complain! She is a paramedic and her fiancée is a police man so juggling the two little ones with shifts etc has made switching to reusable seem overwhelming but it’s something she’s been talking about wanting to do through her pregnancy so it would be amazing if she could win to get her started.


I would like to nominate my sister Hannah who is expecting her first baby this September. Hannah has been working really hard this year to reduce her plastic waste, and this starter set is exactly what she needs to continue her journey!

Sian H

I would like to nominate myself as i have just started my cloth journey with my newborn. I have one baba and boo rainbow print which i love as the fit is perfect. Winning would be perfect as i can’t afford a whole set yet and would cheer me up as i have sore boobies from feeding! 🤣

Nicola Baxter

I would like to nominate myself. We have some washable nappies that we got second hand, that we use everyday until they run out because of washing and drying time. Would 100% love to use them full time! (just can’t quite afford it) x

Emily Davies

I’d like to nominate myself. I’m due my first baby in August and would love to have a helping hand with where to start with reusable nappies.

Jenna Sloan

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