New to reusable nappies? There's a group for that.

As Reusable Nappy Fortnight looms, today we’ve launched the Time For a Change mentors’ group. It’s designed for parents who are brand new to washable nappies.

Why, when there are already so many Facebook groups out there?

The reason is simple.

We all know that going online for a quick question can be priceless. But there’s a problem.

We’ve written about it before with a plea to keep nappies simple:

“The one thing we are noticing right now - far more than at any point in the last nine years - is just how bewildering nappies are for parents who are going online to research reusable nappies for the first time.

"And it’s putting them off using reusables. For those who do get over the mountains of conflicting advice, they have so little confidence in their ability to get the right booster combo/wash routine/fit that not only are we setting them up to fail, we’re providing yet another platform for parents who are already feeling shaky in their ability to do this parenting thing.”

Ask a question in about, for example, washing, and you can easily get over 100 replies - each with conflicting ‘facts’.

Over the past few years there have been various facepalm moments around teeny tiny detergent doses, using dishwasher tablets to clean nappies and so very many more. (To be crystal clear. Use a full dose of powder. Do not wash your nappies with a dishwasher tablet.)

These myths were discredited years ago. But they persist. Why? Because of the power of groups.

The internet has no filter - and sometimes a filter is really, really useful. And that’s what this group does.

New parents can ask a question. A mentor (or two, or maybe even three) will answer them.

So who are these amazing mentors? They’re parents. Some of them have cloth bummed for years, some of them are just a step ahead of the parents who are starting out.

What these mentors have in common is there simple, uncomplicated approach to wrapping a piece of cloth around their babies’ bums. They all wash their nappies differently, they all fit their nappies differently. They all use different brands, and they all have different experiences thanks to the crazy curve balls that make up parenting.

But they are all parents whose replies can be trusted, who don’t answer unless they know the answer. They’re not parents who will tell you what brand of powder they use; they’re parents who will reassure you that you really don’t need to worry about your powder, beyond following your manufacturers’ instructions.

Between them, they’ll have the answer to pretty much every question out there. Between them, they’ll have tried it, done it, experienced it.

The group is part of It's Time For A Change for a very simple reason. It’s a place for parents to get impartial advice no matter which nappy brand they use. That’s not something we can realistically achieve through a Baba+Boo group - but this is too important to restrict to parents who use Baba+Boo.

If you’re new to reusable nappies and looking for simple, straightforward and uncomplicated advice - no matter what nappies you use - then please, feel free to join now and become a founding member.  

And, of course, we need to say a huge thank you to the lovely mentors. You’re fantastic - thank you. x

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