Nappy Rash and Cloth Nappies

You've got to feel sorry for a baby when you take off their nappy and it's all angry and sore looking, you wince in their pain, imagine how painful it is for them.  However, you use cloth nappies so what can you use to help them?

I am sure you all know that conventional nappy creams and cloth nappies don't mix, these creams can coat the nappies making them repel liquid.  If you do use these, make sure you are using a liner to protect your nappies.

There are a few cloth nappy friendly creams that you can use, our favourite is coconut oil, available in supermarkets near all the cooking oils, so it's multi-purpose!  We cook our eggs in it too!

We also heard that putting on whisked egg whites will help create a barrier to aid healing and obviously, a fabulous cure for nappy rash is air, let your little one go nappy free, they will love you for it.

Having said all this, it seems to be a fairly uncommon occurrence that nappy rash happens in the first place when using cloth, although there are always those pesky teeth that cause havoc in places you wouldn't expect!

What are your fail-safe cures for nappy rash?

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  • My daughter has an incredibly sensitive bottom, it’s the reason we started using cloth in the first place, but like you’ve said, we can’t avoid rashes when teething occurs, and unfortunately at 2 years old she’s still getting molars through! When she gets a rash she goes from perfectly fine to blistered in the blink of an eye, so we usually put a small cap of Dettol first aid liquid into a large bath and let her play there for as long as she’s warm and happy, then we use either coconut oil or violets bottom balm on the sore spots and of course, regular changes of the nappy! :) thankfully she also clears up pretty fast!


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