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Nappy Natter with the Gentle Health Visitors

We have a natter with Laura and Ebonie, also known as the Gentle Health Visitors. We find out what play means to them and they share some insight into what inspires them to do what they do. 


What was your favourite toy/ game to play when you were a child
L:  My Sylvanian families and my dolls house. I enjoyed the real life/ role play. 
E:  Barbies with my sister hours of fun!

What are your top recommendations for simple play ideas?
L:  Using objects around the house - spoons, pans, bowls and allowing imagination to run wild. Especially great to add in some outdoor ‘treasures’ - conkers, leaves, sticks etc.
E: Get outside- scoot, ride a bike, go to the park, messy play on the patio - can be just water and a paint brush.
What is your superpower? 
L:  Breastfeeding fixes everything! 
E:  Boobs - same as Laura 

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
L:  A ballerina/ dancer 
E:  A child psychologist 

What's your all time favourite Baba+Boo print? 
L:  It’s a close one between the Brave print for the sentiment and the autumn Leaves print. Toucans in the new collection is close though! 
E:  Northern lights- it was the first new born nappy I bought when pregnant - never managed to get it in BTP sadly though.

What inspires you to do what you do?
L:  Knowing (hoping) that I can make a difference to families and giving parents the confidence to make informed decisions. 
E:  My mum was a nurse which inspired me to become one, the families who I’ve contributed to helping over the years inspire me to keep going - seeing a snapshot of people’s lives and sometimes the struggles but how well children and families can do with the right support is inspiring - children are the most wonderful beings.

How would you describe the importance of play? 
L:  Play is such an important developmental milestone and one that is met differently by each child. It’s so important to follow your child’s lead but offer them opportunities to explore play in a way they feel happy and safe. 
E:  Play is the work of the child- Maria Montessori, nothing says it better than that!

Favourite eco-friendly swap or hack? 
L: Cloth nappies and wipes! 
E: Cloth nappies of course but also our local refill shop is fab for things like pasta, rice, washing up liquid- stuff you’ve got no other way of cutting back on plastic with when shopping at supermarkets.

Quick fire round:
Tea or coffee? Coffee 
Lark or night owl? Neither but Lark if I have to choose
Summer or winter? Summer 
TV or radio? TV
Mountains or beach? Beach 
Book or scrolling? Book (although scrolling happens more) 
Rain or shine? Shine 
Picnic or barbeque? BBQ 
Walk or run?  Walk 
Cat or dog? Dog 
Draw or paint? Draw 
Text or call? Call 
Jigsaw or board game? Board game

Tea or coffee? Tea 
Lark or night owl? Permanently exhausted pigeon
Summer or winter? Summer 
TV or radio? Radio
Mountains or beach? Beach
Book or scrolling? Book although I do more scrolling
Rain or shine? Shine
Picnic or barbeque? Bbq 
Walk or run? Walk
Cat or dog? Dog
Draw or paint? Draw
Text or call? Text
Jigsaw or board game? Board game 

We hope you enjoyed catching up with Laura and Ebonie. You can find out more about the Gentle Health Visitors here:

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