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Nappy Natter with Kerry from Baby Play at Home

Today have a natter with Kerry, an early years teacher who is passionate about the importance of play. 

What was your favourite toy/ game to play when you were a child?
When I was a child, I don’t remember I specific toy or game that I loved, more the process of play.  I have vivid (and mostly really happy) memories of playing with my younger brother: we would set up shops between our bedrooms, mix potions in the garden, build dens with the clothes horse and dance to music in the living room.  
What are your top recommendations for simple play ideas?
Ordinary household objects can provide such great play opportunities that often are very low cost and easy to set up.  When Alfie was a little younger (from around 4/5 months) I loved providing him with baby treasure baskets with things like combs, shower flowers, wooden spoons and foil blankets.  He would get so much from discovering new textures, colours and sounds.  For older babies and toddlers, water and sand play cannot be beaten!  Couple this with some loose parts such as scoops, pots, pinecones, funnels.. anything else you can fine that’s safe… and you’re onto a winner!
What is your superpower? 
There is no doubt, any one who cares for babies and toddlers has an array of super powers!  Putting washing in when grappling with a screaming toddler, keeping your cool when the 3rd meal of the day has been thrown on the floor and drinking a cuppa whilst its still hot are just a few…
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
As a child I very much viewed the world through rose-tinted glasses (as all children do and should to a point) and wanted to save the world!  My answer to this was becoming a vet! I wanted to save all the animals!  It’s this very reason that I didn’t end up following this path and instead went into teaching!
What's your all time favourite Baba+Boo print?
I absolutely love the new play collection prints!  In particular, I would say farmyard and Transport because Alfie pulls them out and starts naming the things he can see on the print - it’s so adorable!
What inspires you to do what you do?
Making a positive difference to others motivates me each and everyday.  Teaching has always been a great way to do this, plus it can be a great creative outlet!
How would you describe the importance of play?
It is said that play is the work of children and I truly believe this: play is the foundation of learning and essential to support the development of children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Play can look different from one moment to the next and there is certainly no right or wrong way to do it! Play can be messy, organised, loud, quiet, still or chaotic; it can be done alone or in a group, outside or inside, the main thing is that it is of interest to the child who’s taking part.  No matter what play looks like to an adult, when children are engaging in play, they are learning about the world around them.
Favourite eco-friendly swap or hack? 
Apart from the obvious one for me, which would be cloth nappying, there are definitely a few easy eco swaps that we’ve made over the last couple of years that I would recommend to others.  Using reusable wipes are a great way to be more environmentally friendly but are also far superior to disposable wipes in my opinion and so easy to clean and reuse.  I also am loving my swap to reusable sanitary products: they are way more comfortable and so easy to wash, plus no nasty plastics near your bits!  Another super easy swap would be bar soap instead of liquid soap.  It lasts for absolutely ages and never needs to be wrapped up in plastic.
Quick fire round:
Tea or coffee?
Coffee! (too much…)
Lark or night owl?
Lark (9pm bedtimes for me!)
Summer or winter?
oooh…tough one.  Summer.
TV or radio?
TV on a night time is my therapy 
Mountains or beach?
Book or scrolling?
I scroll way too much
Rain or shine?
Love the sunshine
Picnic or barbeque?
Cant beat BBQ food!
Walk or run?
Cat or dog?
Animal lover… but I have a cat
Draw or paint?
Text or call?
Text.  Hate awkward silences and small talk!
Jigsaw or board game?
Love a good family board game

We hope you enjoyed catching up with Kerry as much as we did. You can find out more about her here:


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