Nappies for Foster Homes

Nappies for Foster Homes

We've got some exciting news to share.

We were talking to one of our Baba+Boo mums, a foster carer who has looked after eight children so far, and started thinking about how reusable nappies could make a difference to foster homes.

One carer might look after up to three babies at a time, for days or years, and that can add up to a lot of nappy changes on different sized bottoms. And the thing about reusables is that, well, they're reusable, adapt to any size baby, and could save a foster family a lot of money and prevent mountains of waste. A win-win.

So we came up with an idea, talked to Local Authorities, foster parents and charities, and generally got quite excited!

The result: we're delighted to announce that we're giving away 250 nappy kits to foster homes.

If you're a foster carer and would like to know more or receive a bundle, please email us.

Our hope is that this small gesture will make a positive difference to these families and the environment, and even encourage more people to consider fostering.

Did you know that over 70,000 children are in foster care each day in the UK and we were surprised to learn that not only can anyone over 21 potentially become a carer, but you can offer part-time, short-term or permanent care.

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Hi team,
I am an early permanence foster carer with Adopt Thames Valley. I am wondering if you still have any free nappy kits available for foster carers? Let me know how it works or if you need a recommendation from my social worker.

Best wishes,


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