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Love your nappies? Thank my Dad.

Not throwing anything away has always been as natural to me as brushing your teeth twice a day. We didn’t even have a bin in the house when I was growing up, because barely anything was put in it. My dad would have been man-marking it if we did have one.

My dad does not waste a thing. He often stops at skips to see what he can salvage. He did and still does give scraps to the birds and puts the dirty dishwater on the lawn. We had a compost heap. We didn’t dare to leave a light on. Once we grew out of an outfit, it was passed onto a cousin or my Mum made it into something else. It didn’t feel like a ‘green’ way of living. Nothing was wasted and that was normal.

I drum all of this into my children but it is so much harder today because we live in such a throwaway society. It’s normal to buy something and buy new when it breaks. It’s actually cheaper too. Which is so wrong. And everything that is wrong with consumption today. I am also now a bin monitor. They know not to ask for tat that comes in plastic. They are really good and know that re-using is better than recycling. I wouldn’t say they are as excited as me about our new bokashi bin though.

Back to my dad. Not only does he not waste anything, he makes amazing things from stuff that would otherwise be thrown away. He made this market stall from a pallet that our nappies came on.  

He is currently making me a desk out of old scaffolding boards that he saved from a tip.  

My dad wonder retired last month. He has always had a dream to have his own yard and make things. Along with saving things from landfill. So we have a few little plans to make that dream come true. I am loving spending more time with my dad. The man who taught me how powerful the combination of believing in your dreams and working hard is. And to always, always turn off the lights.

With Father’s Day coming up, I wanted to indulge my dad this week. He has always inspired me and continues to do so. In more ways than he probably realises. He is the inspiration behind Baba+Boo.

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