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Missing the boat with cloth nappies

I completely missed the boat with cloth nappies for Seth, my firstborn. It was nothing to do with any pre-conceptions, stigmas or worrying about washing that stopped me. I simply didn’t know they existed. 

I didn’t really use internet forums when I was pregnant, nor did I use social media so I relied on knowledge passed down from friends and information in the packs I was given by Bounty and Emma’s Diary for example. No mention of cloth nappies in there. None of my friends used them either so there was knowledge imparted there.

I went to hypnobirthing classes, all my antenatal classes and no mention of cloth nappies there either. All the books I read and information about what to put in my hospital bag just said nappies and I didn’t realise that there was an alternative. I feel dumb that I didn’t realise or even look for alternatives. I was just lapping up the free samples and money off vouchers you get for disposables and thought I was saving us some money.

I see so many gorgeous boy nappies now and I would have loved to have seen Seth in them but alas I missed the boat.

But I made sure I made up for it with Louisa and clothed her bum from a young age. Although knowledge of them is so much more widespread now and more and more mums are considering them, there is still a mountain to climb and we’ve got our best climbing boots on….

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