Meet the team - Sue Walker - Baba+Boo

Meet the team - Sue Walker

We have a wonderful team at Baba+Boo. Currently there are 5 of us women and Paul, my husband. It's time to put them in the spotlight so you can learn about the people at the heart of what we do...


An introduction from Eve

Sue has been by my side as long as I can remember. She is my oldest friend and when I started Baba+Boo, she helped me with ideas, at baby shows and she even reluctantly tried reusable nappies for me. She turned into one of the biggest cloth nappy mums I have ever known - and I have known a few! Her love for nappies never went away and I am now lucky to have her as an official member of the team. She has the kindest of hearts and wears her heart on her sleeve. I don't mind admitting that our community is lucky to have her at the heart of Baba+Boo.

How did your journey with Baba+Boo begin? 

My journey with Baba+Boo started way before I officially worked here. Eve and I go back too many years than I care to mention and so when she started Baba+Boo I helped out a little bit here and there. We did some 'nappy natters' and exhibition stalls together in the early days when Eve needed a side-kick. I was not the most willing of testers for Eve with my daughter but soon fell in love reusables nappies and became a big advocate. I was obviously more than happy for my two daughters to be little models too. 

What’s the best piece of parenting advice that was given to you?

I can transport myself back to my old living room, when one of my very best friends Lauren, and her mum were visiting my first born for the first time. Lauren's mum said something to me I'll never forget as she cradled my week old baby: "babies needs are so few you know, all they really need is food in their belly, clothes to keep them warm, a place to sleep and just lots and lots of love" I have passed these wise words on to our customers many times over the years. 

What advice would you give to a new parent?

See above! Don't spend a fortune on gimmicks... the market is saturated with 'must have' items for new babies but the truth is you really don't need that much stuff! Also, don't spend quality sleeping time online, especially "Dr Google" as you will send yourself into a frenzy (like I did!). 

What is your top tip for living simply?

Try not to worry about what other people think, don't be drawn into the 'perfect' lives you see displayed on social media - look inwardly and appreciate what you already have. No one is perfect, so just try and do the best you can. 

Best moment with Baba+Boo so far?

Laughing around the big table at Kim's tales of being in a TV show audience. 

Sending out random acts of kindness - believe me, it gives me just as much pleasure sending it as the person receiving it. And just simply, helping people feel better about stuff, their gratitude for what I believe to be the simplest of things really does make my day. 

Favourite charity?

The Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (THHN) - a charity founded by an old friend of mine. They organise holidays and outings for families with terminally ill children or parents, or families that have suffered recent bereavement of a child or parent. The work they do absolutely fills my heart with joy, they are incredible.

Quick fire round:

What’s your superpower?

I'm quite good at empathy and putting myself in other people's shoes

What is your favourite book?

Anything written by Lucinda Riley (especially the Seven Sisters series)

Guilty pleasure?

Watching reality TV

Favourite way to spend a Sunday?

My best Sundays involve doing a workout, going on a long doggy walk and finishing up by making a roast dinner for my family

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I wanted to develop more exciting foods for people with allergies

Favourite eco-friendly swap or hack?

Silicone oven tray liners.  I used to go through rolls and rolls of baking paper but the tray liners I can use again and again and they wash so well.  I've had these for well over a year now and they are showing no signs of wear.  I would estimate that I bought a new roll of baking paper at least monthly!


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So nice to put a face to a name! Sue is always so lovely to chat to over email, thanks for helping to make Baba + Boo one of the friendliest companies to deal with as a retailer :)

Charlotte Loving

Aw! Hi Sue, I’ve spoken to you via email quite a few times and you are always so kind and warm. It’s great to finally ‘see’ you too!

Liz Jones

It’s so lovely to hear more about Sue :-)


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