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Meaningful gifts for a memorable Mother’s Day

This blog is inspired by our minimalist founder Eve, who is a huge advocate for living with less.

This year her children's gift to their theatre loving mum will be a play that they have written for her. This post is about making memories the gift of Mother's Day. The more we chat with our lovely mums, the more we realise how many of you feel the same. So why not leave this blog open in front of your other half, the grandparents or a trusted friend - and get the Mother’s Day you deserve. You’re welcome.

 Mother's Day gifts

Put on a show

How about a bit of singing, dancing or acting? Or even a puppet show? Grandparents or dads are perfect directors to help with planning, practising, props and make-up. Whether it’s the world premiere of a show the children have written, or a special edition of Mum’s favourite film scene, song or play, she will love the thought and effort that you’ve put in.

Tip: don’t expect too much of little ones. A three-minute performance may seem a bit stingy to you, but it’s a really big deal for a little person. Mum will have much better memories of a two-minute masterpiece that ends in hugs and giggles, than of a disastrous ten-minute extravaganza that includes tantrums because someone forgot their part.

Cook or bake

Here’s a handy hint for any day of the year: giving Mum a night off cooking is a Very Good Idea. To make Mother’s Day special, can the children attempt her favourite meal (with adult supervision, obviously)? Or how about concocting their very own new taste sensation, complete with handwritten menus and flowers on the table?

Cakes and biscuits are always a Very Good Idea. If you’re daunted by baking with children, chocolate crispy cakes are easy for little people to make, and pretty hard to get wrong. Take photos of the making - Mum will love seeing sticky noses and gooey hands.

Tip: Don’t forget to clear up. Please.

A picnic and a treasure hunt

Picnics make any day out better, especially if little hands have made the sandwiches. Don’t worry if the weather’s rubbish; indoor picnics are just as exciting for small people, and happy children mean happy mums.

If you know Mum really needs a lazy day, you could lay out a picnic blanket in your garden and enjoy relaxing in the fresh air and spending time together. Putting together a treasure hunt, complete with clues and surprises, can lead to some lovely family moments.

Tip: When you’re picnic/day out is finished, don’t forget to clear up. Please.

No fighting

It’s natural for siblings to bicker but on this special day, it’s worth encouraging, reminding, bribing everyone to make a significant effort to be nice. Ask them to think about how happy mum will be, and give them tips about how to relax, be happy and be friends. Even if they don’t succeed ALL day, the fact they’ve tried is a guaranteed way to make mum’s day!

A home-made spa day

Running around all the time takes its toll, so turn your home into a massage and beauty parlour. Rather than an expensive spa package, set up a spa room and the children can spend the day offering regular back rubs, face masks and nail painting - perfect for showing her how much they appreciate all the hard work she does.

Movie night at home

Why not line up mum’s favourite movie to watch together? If she’s not a movie kind of person, giving her exclusive rights to the TV remote will also go down a treat. Bonus points for providing a steady supply of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits or popcorn!

Breakfast in bed

There’s a reason that this is such a popular choice - a relaxing morning surrounded by her family, without the need to cook, sounds pretty perfect to most mums.

Tip: doing the cleaning up is really, really important.


Nothing says “I love you” more than spending quality time together. Take Mum to one of her favourite places and do activities that you know she enjoys. Show her you cherish every moment you spend together, listen to what she has to say and most of all, make her feel every bit as special as you know she is.

-Go on, tell us. What are the most tear-jerking, unusual, or, er, ‘unique’ Mother’s Day treats you’ve had?

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