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Made by loving hands

While we’re working our way towards some normality at Baba+Boo, we’re still working with a dispersed team, and with a skeleton crew packing orders in the warehouse. We’ve had a few questions recently about timings, orders and nappy stitching, so we wanted to take this time to assure that whether it’s in the manufacturing, the packing, or the processing of orders, every step is handled with love and care to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your baby. 


When it comes to the manufacturing of our nappies, sometimes it might not be perfect, but all our nappies are made by different hands. Sometimes you might get one with slightly wonky stitching or a wonky popper, but these have been made lovingly by real hands and not robot ones. 

Choosing the right manufacturer, who shares our values, has always been hugely important to us. This means that we ensure any factory we work with prioritises workers right, pays their employees fairly and who does everything in their power to limit their impact on the environment. We’re truly committed to being as transparent as possible about our business, and our manufacturing with our community. 

And just like our nappies, all our orders are packed with real hands too. So while we’re working as hard as we can to get the orders out on time, sometimes we make mistakes. So while we may not always be perfect, we know we’re perfect for you and your baby. 

The last few months have been testing for all of us here at Baba+Boo, and as a company, and individuals we’ve learnt so much. In fact, we’ve seen a huge surge in orders over the last few months which means we’ve welcomed a whole host of new mums to our cloth bum community. For us, this is what Baba+Boo is all about. We’ve been striving for years to make reusables normal, and with more and more mums turning to them over the last few months, it’s been amazing to see this shift start to happen. 

So, we want to take this time to say a huge thank you to our community for your continued support, and a big welcome to our new cloth bum mums -  we’ve loved seeing the beautiful pics of you and your babies. 

We can’t wait to grow with you and your babies 💚

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