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Looking ahead to 2018: Cloth nappies and the splits

Eve is on the blog this week telling us about the year ahead and all the exciting plans we have.

There are two new years on my calendar. September always feels like a good time to start afresh with that new pencil case feeling you got for the new school year. I have always thought that I liked that more than the real New Year, which before kids was always gloomy and boring. Now with the huge excitement and event planning that comes in December (and the elf on the shelf), January feels like a huge month sized relief to just breathe and be.

The clutter of the festive season is away. I love it at first but I do miss my clutter-free simple rooms. The social calendar is pretty much empty and the to-do lists are well and truly done and dusted.

So, what do I like doing at the beginning of January? Creating more to-do lists. I'm lost without a list. But this time, they are more manageable. Not ones that involve making a Christingle x two, cordial for Christmas parties, finding the Christmas jumpers - all within a couple of days of each other. And the elf. Always wondering what the elf can do tonight, tomorrow and so on. If you don't have any elf...don't ever get one. Ever.

I like goal-setting and then reflecting back to see what I have achieved. I rarely achieve them all because I always seem to think I have more time than I do. The children eat my time but that's ok. I don't beat myself up about it. Always good to aim high. Shoot for the moon as the famous quote says.

This year my personal goal is to be able to do the splits. Louisa, my eight-year-old, is also known as Bendy Betty and she asked if I could ever do the splits. Nope. She was amazed and couldn't believe it. So I told her I would learn to. I saw a book about being able to do it 30 days. I set myself 365 instead. 

Now onto Baba+Boo. We have so many plans coming up this year and I am so excited.  You are all always asking me for new prints for our cloth nappies, so we definitely have lots of those coming. We are going to be bringing back some of our old favourite prints. We will be asking you for your input so make sure you are in our Facebook Hangout and you can have your say.

We will be launching our organic cotton clothing collection this year too. It is still a work in progress. We are fairly new to clothing and we want it to be right, so bear with us. I know a lot of you are keen to see it on our shelves.

I will soon be sharing more information on how our campaign to raise awareness of reusable nappies will work. I will need your help with this, you all do such a wonderful job as advocates of cloth nappies. We will be also be starting up an advocate scheme, which worked wonderfully in the past. Do drop me a line if you would like to hear more.

Finally, we will be adding more product lines to our store. We are always looking for new products we can add that will be useful and of course, reusable.

So, there is my to-do list. Will be good to check at this time next year to see where we are. I will be reading it while doing the splits of course. 

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