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Liners, why use them?

Today's guest post is from Daisy - the cloth bum mum who shares her thoughts on using nappy liners.


One of the main things that I get asked when people find out that I use cloth nappies on my little man is 'What about all the poo?'  I know that seems like a rather blunt way to put it but it's honestly one of the main concerns that people seem to have.  They must have visions of having to touch poo (yuck!) or having to stand there scraping copious amounts of the horrible stuff into the loo.

I have one word for them.

One word that is (in my opinion) one of THE most important words in the cloth nappy world.


Liners are brilliant little things!  I actually can't understand why anyone would ever use a cloth nappy without them.  They make so much sense. 

You can get different types of liners - the main difference being reusable (usually made from fleece) or disposable ones.  The disposable ones come in two options as well - flushable and non-flushable. 

Fleece liners are wonderful inventions.  Fleece is a magical material that acts as a stay-dry layer and helps to pull moisture away from your little one's bottom.  That's obviously a great thing and makes them feel really comfortable in their nappies.  A lot of pocket nappies come with a stay-dry layer already built in, but this one helps to protect your nappies against any staining as well.

If you only want to use these, then once your baby is producing poo that is a little more, ahem, solid - you can stretch the liner over the loo and the poo should basically ping/slide off.

However, there's obviously going to be those days where that won't happen and that's where I think disposable liners really come into their own.  I use both, together.  I wrap a disposable around a fleece one and put them into my nappies.  That way I have the bonus of fleece doing its magical stuff and the usefulness of a disposable that I can unwrap and put straight down the loo (as long as it's a flushable one).

If you're not already using liners, I'd really recommend giving them a go.  I know it sounds awfully dramatic but they'll utterly change your life (well, your cloth nappying one anyway!)


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