Tell me about: Leaks and Absorbency in Reusable Nappies

Tell me about: Leaks and Absorbency in Reusable Nappies

Reusables are as leak-proof as single-use nappies, if not more so, and are certainly far more poonami-proof. They can be used in the day and night. Leaks are usually caused by an incorrect fit of the reusable nappy, or the need for more absorbency.

How do they soak up the wee?

Our nappies feature a pocket that you put reusable absorbent boosters (also called inserts) in to soak up wee. The boosters are large, oblong pads and each nappy comes with two bamboo boosters, which are our go-to. 

Boosters come in different levels of absorbency, much like period pads. For a very small baby you might only need one reusable bamboo booster, increasing to two as the wees get bigger. For nights and heavy-wetters, charcoal and hemp reusable boosters are more suitable due to their high absorbency. You can mix and match any two boosters to find the perfect combination for your baby. It isn't rocket science, but there is a learning curve and a little experimenting may be needed.

How do I get the right fit? 

Our nappies are adjustable using the poppers up the rise (the front bit) and waist closure. Size the nappy according to your baby and then when you put them on ensure a close fit around the legs, gently easing the elasticated part into the crease at the top of the inner thigh. Squeeze the nappy across the front as you put it on too to improve fit. This video explains it far better than our words can.


There is a steeper learning curve with reusables than single-use nappies and our customer service team is on-hand to troubleshoot with you. Contact us via WhatsApp, call on +44 (0) 161 260 0140, or email




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