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Kindness makes the world a better place

Kindness is at the heart of everything we do here at Baba+Boo. In fact, it is one of our core values which means that everything we do has to pass through our kindness filter before an idea, product or business goal even gets off the mark. Kindness is a value that runs through every cell in my body. 


Today is World Kindness Day. The definition of kindness is ‘the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate’. Generosity can cost nothing at all and is often one of the easiest things to give. Your time, your words and your presence can literally change someone’s day. In these days of lockdown, we need to be generous and considerate more than ever. Whether it be to others, our planet and even ourselves.

I am a firm believer that children learn by watching and I learnt that kindness makes the world a better place. I was surrounded by fiercely strong women when I was growing up. I witnessed the sharp side of both my nanas tongues and I tried hard to never ever be the recipient of a tongue lashing. The people who were on the receiving end had probably been unkind to someone! I watched them serve their communities with pride and it is something I try to emulate with our community. I see so much kindness in our community and it makes me so happy. This community we have created together is truly amazing. 

Being kind to our planet is, and has to be, at the forefront of our minds. Now more than ever. There are so many ways we can put our planet first - whether it be consuming less meat, voting with our purse, choosing to support companies that do good, or even just being less wasteful and turning the taps off when cleaning your teeth. Being conscious is a great place to start but I get that isn’t easy when you are being followed by a toddler and have 723 plates spinning at one time. 

One of the most important, if not, the most important thing to remember is to be kind to yourself. As parents, we put everything and everybody before ourselves and we end up running on empty. Self-care is so important because you cannot pour from an empty cup. When your baby naps, it is all so easy to fall into the habit to tidy up the toys and catch up on chores. Ignore the guilt and tell yourself that you will be a better parent if you rest. Chores are endless. Your sanity isn’t. You will hear that toy basket being emptied all over the floor again within four minutes of your toddler being awake anyway. Take a look at our Pinterest board for simple ways to take care of you. 

To celebrate Kindness Day - we are sending you some Baba+Boo ‘me time’ out with orders. We expect you to sit down with a cuppa and grab some of this. Watch a cheesy programme, read or magazine or just stare out of the window if that is all you are capable of. I remember those days well!

Kindness makes the world a better place and it starts with you.

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