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Join us for a Clothee Break

Becoming a parent doesn’t come with a guidebook. Unfortunately. Navigating your way around this new world is sometimes made easier when you meet other parents trying to sail the same sea as you. In the world we are living in right now, meeting other parents and sharing stories of sleepless nights and WTAF moments isn’t that easy without baby groups or meeting a friend for a coffee.


So we are inviting you to a virtual cuppa with us and have a Clothee Break. Each Wednesday at 10am, I’ll be having a little natter with you over on our Hangout. Our Sues will be there too, homeschooling allowing. We can all share our stories of parenting, the stories of us (because you are not just a parent) and even show off your little ones. Because sometimes that is all you want to do.

I hope you can join us for a natter. We know how hard it must be for you all right now. I hope this goes a little way of giving you a place to hang for an hour or so and we would love to have you there.

My dream is that we can do this in person one day and have meet ups here at HQ. We had a table made and an area at our HQ for this purpose. It will happen I am sure. But for now, we’ll have to have a virtual cuppa instead.

Hopefully see you there with a cuppa. Preferably hot. Warm is good. But what's the betting it will be cold?

Eve x

PS - no video chatting, this is typing chatting. I'm an introvert!

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