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How to holiday with reusable nappies

You might feel faint at the thought of holidaying with reusables, but with a bit of preparation and our top tips your little one can have a cloth bum almost anywhere. 


Packing and Travelling

  • A lot of parents swear by reusables whilst travelling as they’re pretty poonami-proof so you wont have to attempt a full outfit change on an aeroplane or in a layby
  • Stuff your nappies before travelling to save time
  • Packing cubes are great for keeping nappies and wipes organised.


Washing and Drying

  • Take a large nappy bag to store the dirty nappies in (easier to travel with than a bucket!)
  • Take pegs and a clothes line – essential for getting them dry especially if camping or going to a festival
  • Villas and self-catering accommodation with a washing machine undoubtedly make things easier and holidays in the sun mean you can dry your nappies outside
  • You can hand-wash nappies but make sure to give them a good machine wash when you get home

 How Many?

  • Write down what you use on a daily basis and work out your packing list from there, taking into account availability of washing machine/laundrette, and how easy it will be to dry your nappies (if you’re going somewhere hot then drying outside will be a breeze)
  • If it’s a beach or pool-side holiday your little one will be in their reusable swim nappy a lot of the time so you’ll get through fewer nappies
  • Remember, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing – lots of mums take as many cloth nappies as they can and then switch to single-use when they need to.

 We’d love to hear your top tips – just pop them in the comments.

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We always take extra inserts with us, the outers dry faster so this way we don’t need to take as many whole nappies but still have enough to see us through with washing and drying.

Alison Heather

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