How one mum shared reusables with 3 million people

How one mum shared reusables with 3 million people

Making 3 million people aware of reusable nappies might seem impossible, but one Baba+Boo mum did just that.

In the ebbs and flows of running a business, one thing has always stayed constant. Gratitude for every single order. And especially so in the current cost of living crisis. When I hear that virtual ping of our till, I am honestly so grateful that you have trusted us with clothing your baby's precious bum. Sounds a bit cliched but it is true.

I don't take it for granted that you have chosen to shop with us and I like to follow up every order with a note of thanks and to make sure all your Baba+Boos are working well. On the days I do this, my inbox floods with lovely pics of your babies, questions about washing, fit and boosters and predominantly, a whole lot of love. I often get asked how you can help to raise more awareness about reusables. 

Here are five ways to encourage more parents to give reusable nappies a go:
  1. Show off your nappies at baby groups: Many parents may not have seen them before, and if they see you changing your baby they may ask questions about them.  Share the benefits of using reusable nappies, such as their eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and the fact that they can be more comfortable for their baby. And if they are really interested, you can tell them about the hidden benefits too.

  2. Keep it simple: Some parents may be hesitant to use reusable nappies because they seem more complicated than disposable ones. Showing how they fit into your life easily by keeping language simple will make all the difference. 

  3. Tell them about any incentives: Many councils and cloth nappy retailers offer nappy incentive schemes. You can check here for the list of incentive schemes around the country. These incentives can help to offset the initial cost of purchasing reusable nappies, making them a more attractive option.

  4. Share on social media: Sharing your cloth nappies on social media is gold. Remember to keep it simple and show the bits that may seem basic to you: how you put them on and stuff them, or where the poo goes. You could also message influencers you follow and ask them if they would use reusables. This is how Joe Wicks came to use our nappies. Just one mum in our community messaged him and soon reusable nappies were seen by 3 million people worldwide as he became the world's PE teacher in lockdown. 

  5. Tell them about the Baba+Boo Village:  Our Facebook community of parents who use reusable nappies provides support, advice, and encouragement for those who are new to using them. Not only that, it can help to foster a sense of belonging and connection for parents who are passionate about sustainable parenting

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