Tell me about: How do reusable nappies fit and grow with my baby?

Tell me about: How do reusable nappies fit and grow with my baby?

Reusable nappies are designed to grow with your baby. There's no magic involved, just cleverly placed poppers!

The reusable Nappy and newborn Nappy Mini both have an adjustable waist and a series of poppers on the rise (the bit going up the front of the nappy). Simply do up or undo the poppers to make the rise smaller or bigger to fit your baby.

The Nappy Mini

The newborn Nappy Mini fits from birth to around six months old - from nappy size 1 to 2. It has velcro at the waist for a nice snug fit.

Baba+Boo reusable newborn nappy foxes

The Nappy

The Nappy fits from about four months old up to potty training - from nappy size 3 to size 6. It has poppers round the waist instead of velcro, as older babies love nothing more than opening a velcro closure. Fun for them, infuriating for you!

If your baby is bigger than a size 6 nappy but not ready to be out of nappies, have a look at our Nappy Extenders which add an extra 10cm to the waist of the nappy.

How do I get the fit right?

Adjust the poppers on the rise before putting the reusable nappy on your baby, tucking any excess material upwards, then fit around the legs and waist, slightly squeezing the nappy as in the picture above.

This short video explains fitting a reusable nappy brilliantly...


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