Tell me about: How do I wash a reusable Nappy?

Tell me about: How do I wash a reusable Nappy?

Swap emptying the nappy bin and remembering to buy nappies for putting on a wash! Our nappies are designed to be easy to wash, and our customers agree with us too.

It all goes in the machine

Remove the boosters (absorbent inserts) and pop them, along with the outer part of the nappy, in the machine at 40 to 60 degrees. Depending on how soiled they are you might do a pre-wash or rinse first. Poo should be tipped into the loo before washing.

Reusable nappies can be washed with other items and are colourfast so can be washed with whites. Only use your regular detergent, nothing else.

Reusable nappies these days don't need to be soaked, and in fact frequent soaking can actually degrade the fabric.

What about poo?

Baby poo is a hot topic in the world of reusables, and it can cause more worry than it needs to. If the baby is exclusively fed with milk (breast or formula), this is water soluble and can go in the machine just as a soiled babygro would. We do however recommend removing as much as you can, and especially if the nappy will be sitting in the nappy bin, so it's not too smelly. Once the baby is on solids, the poo should be tipped down the loo. Many people use a disposable or reusable liner to 'catch' the poo, which keeps the nappy a bit cleaner and makes for easy disposal.

Use a pre-wash for heavily soiled reusable nappies and wash at 60 degrees.

How do I dry reusable nappies?

Line drying is ideal, or the occasional low heat tumble dry. We recommend a heated airer for the winter months, or a drying rack in a warm place if that's an option. If you can get your hands on one, a dehumidifier significantly speeds up the drying time.

How much more washing will I have to do?

If you've got 20 nappies and you're using them full-time, this means washing them every two to three days so you always have dry, clean ones.

Where do I store the dirty nappies?

Store dirty reusable nappies in a nappy bucket with a lid until wash day. A pro tip is to use a mesh laundry bag inside the nappy bucket and then transfer the whole bag into the machine (open the bag before putting it in). Remove any poo first so it doesn't get too smelly!

If you're out and about you can store your dirty nappies in a Wet Bag. The Medium Wet Bag has two zipped compartments for keeping clean and dirty reusable nappies separated and neatly in one place. All wet bags are machine washable.

Speedy Stuffing

When putting boosters (the absorbent inserts) back into the nappy pocket, position the label nearest the opening to make them easy to whip out at speed!

Tell me more about washing reusable nappies

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