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Helping people sleep safely at night by 'Moonlight'

Last October we launched our Cosy collection of reusable nappies and it hit home that being ‘cosy’ was such as privilege. There were people in Manchester that didn’t have a home, let alone a bed to sleep in. So we wanted to use that collection to raise funds to support those in need.

We pledged to donate 10% of sales from our Moonlight nappies to A Bed Every Night scheme which aims to find a secure place to sleep for those on the streets. A year on, I met up with Vanessa Haworth, Head of Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity to update her on how our community has reacted to our campaign and how much we have raised.

Vanessa, Head of the Charity comments; There is such a nice link between the company and the charity – the idea of parents putting babies to bed every night and thinking about people who didn’t have a safe space to go to sleep in”.

She adds; “We’re thrilled with the support of Baba + Boo – as a small team we’re depending on collaborations and both individuals and companies coming together to help make change happen”.

So far the range has raised £1,500 for the charity, which is 50 nights’ accommodation as part of the A Bed Every Night scheme. I am filled with gratitude for our wonderful community and how we came together to help 50 people to sleep safely at night. 

 When you put your Moonlight nappy on your little ones, know that you are not only changing a nappy, you are changing a life too.

See the Moonlight nappy here.


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