Help! I'm New to Reusables

Help! I'm New to Reusables

Finding nappyness!

If you're new to reusable nappies it can feel like you've entered a confusing and rather strange world! Many people remember terry towelling nappies, and thankfully things have moved on a lot since then. Whilst there's more to learn than with disposable nappies, you can become an expert in no time, and you'll find the reusable nappy community warm and welcoming. 

We believe that reusable nappies make you happy, often in totally unexpected ways, and you can find out why our customers agree here. #nappyness

Can I have a quick overview?

Absolutely! This two minute video shows you what reusable nappies look like, how they work, how they grow, where the poo goes (down the loo!) and more.

What is a reusable nappy?

A reusable nappy is a nappy that can be washed and used again, and again. It 'grows' with your baby using cleverly placed poppers. The inside is a super soft, chemical-free fabric, and the outer is waterproof. There's a pocket inside ours which you put one or two boosters in which soak up the wee (they're long, super absorbent pads).

When the nappy is dirty you tip any poo down the loo and then pop them into a nappy bucket until wash day. Wash them in the machine, with your normal detergent, at 40 to 60 degrees depending on how soiled they are. Then line dry or use an airer.

Our nappies come in two sizes. The Newborn Nappy Mini grows from a nappy size 1 to 2, and the Nappy grows from a nappy size 3 to 6.

I've got questions!

Great! Have a browse through these articles and do get in touch with Sue, our nappy guru, if you've got other questions or need a little help.

Email her or call on +44 (0)1612600140

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What do I do now?

If you're a little unsure, we run a nappy trial. You buy the nappy, use if for 30 days, and either keep it or return it for a full refund if you don't love it. 

If you're ready to join the wonderful world of reusable nappies, the best value are our Starter Kits. They're the basics you need to get going.

Remember it's not all or nothing, you can start with one or two and build up from there, mixing and matching with disposables.

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