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Heading towards our 2nd birthday

Thought it best I fill you in on the latest happenings over at Baba+Boo Towers…it’s been a while.

We have our new potty training pants coming in, in the next couple of weeks and on our blog, we will have some potty training diaries which I am quite excited about. Maybe I should join in..Louisa is coming up to potty training now although she won’t stop choosing her nappies. I though cloth nappies were meant to make toddlers train quicker! Louisa is obsessed with choosing what nappy she wants to wear and won’t use her potty, although she knows when she needs to go. I’m hoping the pink princess potty training pants, inspired by her, will work. I will keep you posted.

We get asked a lot of questions by mums keen to try cloth about how to use them, so we will be launching our You Tube channel soon with lots of how-to videos and diaries, which I am sure will help. On top of that, we will have a question and answer section on our Facebook page that everyone can join in with. I love the Baba+Boo community that is forming..especially the #nappuvinos we are holding each month. It’s been lovely to chat about nappies over a glass (or bottle!) of wine.

Last Sunday, I attended the Mumpreneur UK Conference 2011 in Coventry and it was totally fab. I was really apprehensive at first, as it was a first for me in many ways. The first time, I have attended a conference/networking event, the first time I have met other mums in business and the first time I have attended an awards ceremony which we have been nominated for.

There were lots of seminars about all aspects of business, guest speakers and lots of inspirational mums in business. I am not usually one to sing and dance about me and the business but I have to admit, I was proud as punch that were shortlisted for an award – there were amazing women in the room. We didn’t win the award, but we had some stiff competition. I don’t think my legs would have made it to the stage if my name was called! It gave me a taste of it though, I now I am determined to win something over the next year…it would be so wonderful to say ‘award-winning business’!

The most important thing I took away from the conference was how I need to spend more time on me and not burn myself out so much. I am so passionate about Baba+Boo and getting more babies wearing cloth nappies, that I sometimes forget about me. I am down the pecking order in priorities…maybe a spa break is needed, let’s hope Mr Baba+Boo reads this…

We have moved into a bigger unit this week too. I am amazed how quickly we have grown over the last year. We have welcomed Liane on board the crazy train and she is loving it already. I’m sure you will be hearing from her over the coming weeks as she gets more and more involved. She is really creative so I’m sure the range will keep growing and growing.

We have lots of Halloween things in stock now, which we will share with you soon. I love Halloween and loved going to themed baby groups..our headbands and bibs are perfect for that.

Our 2nd birthday is coming up and we will be spending the coming weeks planning lots of competitions and promotions as a thank you to you all for helping to spread the Baba+Boo word…

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