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Guest Blog: Zero Waste Living Interview With Rebecca at The Little Green Guide

Zero Waste Week is one of our favourite times of the year! We love hearing about hacks and swaps from our community on zero waste living, and finding out what inspires you all on your mission to doing good. To mark this amazing week, we caught up with Rebecca from The Little Green Guide to find out her motivations, inspirations and top tips for zero waste living! 


What inspired your zero waste lifestyle, what were the main motivations?

I have always been aware of my eco-footprint, and as I have got older and became a mother, it’s something that has grown in importance to me. I want to do my best to encourage, inspire and help the next generation, and create a better world for them.

What does zero-waste living mean to you?

Zero waste can initially seem quite overwhelming and complicated. But in my experience, nobody is perfect so start with small steps... every little eco swap and alternative we find can add up and make a difference. So it’s not about being totally zero waste to me, it’s about doing your best and challenging yourself to try that bit harder.

What's the hardest thing about zero waste living?

The hardest thing I find is the feeling that you’re not doing enough or making enough of a difference to have an impact as an individual. But I know that the louder we shout and the further we spread the message, those individual actions will add up, and that’s what keeps me going.

What advice would you give someone new to zero waste living who's looking where to start?

Zero waste doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Start small and find products that work well for you and your family. Look around you and see what you already have! There’s no need to go out and buy a wooden eco hairbrush if you already have a plastic one that works perfectly fine.

What zero waste items couldn't you live without?

Being a mother, my favourite just has to be our reusable nappies! They are super soft on my daughter’s skin, no harsh chemicals, no nappy explosions, saved us £££££ over the years, and so so cute too! 

And then also refillable shampoo/conditioners. Reusable kitchen rolls/cloths. Beeswax wraps for lunchtimes and on the go! Obvious but essential one – reusable water bottle! I could go on and on…

What are your favourite things about living a zero-waste lifestyle, what are the biggest impacts you've seen?

I love the effects it has had on my friends & family. Whether it’s family members ditching meat and opting for plant-based meals, friends switching to reusable nappies for their babies or my husband getting excited over the new refillable cleaning products, there’s something for everyone and it’s a great conversation starter for around the dinner table to get people thinking about the future of our planet!


You can find more from Rebecca over on her Instagram page.

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