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Growing up in a waste free zone

Eve is on the blog sharing her thoughts on waste and how it has been drummed into her from an early age.

From as young as I remember, if we dared leave a light on there was trouble. My dad wouldn't allow lights on for any time longer than necessary. And not because he was tight, far from it. He just hates waste. He still does it now when he comes to my house, that's if I have left a light on. It has been drummed into me so well, I wouldn't dream of having any lights on if  I wasn't in the room.

Same goes for food. He has a chain of places for uneaten food...perish the thought. His gardens have so many birds and he composts everything. He grows anything he can from seeds of food. Pumpkin seeds will be next when it's Halloween time.

Nothing gets thrown out and if he hears of anyone else throwing anything out or sorting out their loft, he is there like a shot. He upcycles any junk he can find. He made a gorgeous market stall was made out of a pallet that our nappies come on. How cool!

So I guess my passion for less waste comes from my dad. Putting disposables in the bin made me shudder. Hence the reason for starting Baba+Boo.

I really don't like wasting anything.

I'm constantly reviewing what I need to buy. We don't need more 'stuff'. When we go on holiday, we have a slimmed down version of what we need. A few pens and some paper to draw on, a few little games and that got us through a wet week in Wales. We used our imagination and had a brilliant time. Less stuff means less to tidy, less to worry about and more time to have fun and make memories.

Old clothes go to charity shops, friends or clothing bins. I try and buy gender neutral clothes. Not only because I don't like pink for girls but because I can pass them down from one child to another.

Books and toys are passed down or given to playgroups.

This year is about doing 'One More Thing' to reduce your waste. I definitely need to grasp food wastage. But I have to get to grips with fussy eating first. Wastage is a by-product of that. So I'll keep persevering with that and I will be so glad when my food waste is reduced.

Do you recycle or upcycle? We would love to see any of your great recycling or upcycling tips.

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