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Free nappies for our brave NHS staff

The NHS is truly amazing. For weeks the staff have been on the frontline working tirelessly to battle Covid-19 and help to keep us safe, and we truly cannot thank you all enough.

This is why we’ve been truly heartbroken by the stories of NHS workers struggling to buy nappies after their shifts, and this is why we’re giving 3,000 of our reusable nappies to these brave workers.

This is where we need your help. We’re looking for hospital trusts who we can donate these nappies too, who will then be able to distribute these out to employees. If you know of any or anyone who could help please get in touch with our team.

These nappies are not available to buy. They were part of our Ten Collection which we released last year, yet they never went on sale. This aptly named ‘Brave’ nappy was pulled from the collection at the last minute. This design was supposed to represent my journey through motherhood, through coming out of my shell and taking steps into the unknown.

Although these nappies had been innocently designed, we could see how they could be misconstrued and seen as insensitive to other cultures. This was never our intention, but we were never going to sell a nappy which could cause upset or offence. However, this has left us with 3,000 nappies we cannot use and we cannot bring ourselves to waste.

Aptly named ‘Brave’ these nappies couldn't be more fitting to give to the NHS staff who need them.

So, after seeing these images of struggling NHS workers who are risking their lives to keep us all safe, we were compelled to act. This is why we’re donating these nappies to give these amazing workers any support we can, and say thank you for all that they do.

Please get in touch with our team if you know anyone who can help or if you know any hospital trusts who we can reach out to.

We want to say a huge thank you to the brilliant Cecelia Leslie for helping us coordinate this effort - you’re amazing.


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I work for the emergency gynae unit at st Mary’s hospital, Manchester. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have some of your nappies! I know a lot of my colleagues would love these!! Please could we have some? I can send you proof of my work ID.


Shaunagh Niland

Shaunagh Niland

Great idea and so kind hope you can find people to help unfortunately I don’t know anyone but wanted to praise your lovely idea!


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