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Ways you can help new to reusable nappies anxiety

Starting any new habit or changing lifestyle can feel overwhelming. Never mind when you are pregnant or a new parent. Switching to reusable nappies or just trying to learn about them for the first time is daunting. Especially if they google 'reusable nappies'. Here's how you, as a reusable nappy parent, can help make it seem as simple as it is.

 Four babies being held by their mums wearing Baba+Boo reusable nappies

Keep it simple

When you press search on Google with any question related to reusable nappies, you would be forgiven to think that you need a PhD in Laundry Techniques before you can buy a reusable nappy. When really all new users want to know is 'are they easy to use?' and 'what do you do with the poo?'

Keep your advice simple. Do away with the 'musts and shoulds' and tell them that there is no right or wrong. Take yourself back to the place you were when you first started and you had no clue about the different types of nappies or inserts and start from there.

Being there for them

This will 100% help with the overwhelm. We look to other parents for advice about feeding, pram choices and the other 794 questions we have about parenting choices. Offering your experience might just be the nudge they need to buy their first reusable nappy.

Tell them about the community

The cloth nappy community is a place full of kindness, where you can find support on all things - not just nappies. We've seen acts of kindness and friendships form over the years that fill us with joy and goosebumps just thinking about them.

Lend them your nappies

Spending money on nappies when you are not sure they will be for you, can be a reason not to start. If you have some spare ones (which most cloth bum parents have!), lend them a couple to try. It makes them no risk and they know they come with a helping hand.

Be honest

Tell them that it is a change and it does mean an extra wash load or two. Set their expectations. But tell them the good things to expect too. How cute their baby will look for one.


Helping others get started with reusables will give you such a boost too. And you'll have a grateful friend for life.

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