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Five ways to help make nappy changing calmer

Being a parent is non stop act of juggling plates and smashing lots of them. Crying (you included), a clinging baby while you try and make yourself your first brew at 3pm and changing nappies. It's relentless. And thankless a lot of the time. Bedtime usually can't come soon enough so you can catch your breath.

Nappy changing can be one of the daily battles that you dread. But it can be a chance for you to press that much needed pause button and connect with yourself and your little one. To take a breath. 

Mindfulness researcher Cassandra Vieten says that role modelling calm behaviour during nappy changes can teach children how to stay grounded in their discomfort. This all sounds a little bit zen when nappy change time is more like being in the ring at Wrestlemania.

Creating a calmer change time might provide you with some magic moments in your day. Here are some of the ways to do just that:

1. Reusable nappy prints are fun and a lot feature animals, ours especially. You could use nappy change time as a way to teach your little ones sign language.

2. Keep toys near the changing mat that are only available at change time. You could even have toys in there that match your reusable nappies. 

3. Have your little one help change their teddy or doll first. 

4. As your babies grow into toddlers, giving them some control over their choices is something you learn quickly. Letting them choose their favourite nappy can be a quick win. Just make sure you have doubled up if they only have the one. We have had parents buy 10 of the same print for an easier life!

5. If all else fails, singing, dancing and making noises can help. Maybe not the calm beauty spa atmosphere that creates mindful moments but it will make your baby giggle and there are not many better things in life than a baby's giggle.

Life is a collection of moments and they are the thing to treasure. Reusable nappies can give you so many of those moments.

Even those wrestlemania ones (said with the benefit of hindsight now mine are well out of the nappy years!)

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