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Eleven things that only a cloth bum mum can appreciate

Once you start using cloth nappies, an obsession usually starts. Here are some things that only cloth nappy mad mums appreciate.


  1. Other mums be like “Oooh, storm”. Cloth bum mums be like “Oooh, quick, get the nappies on the line”.
  2. That moment at a new baby group when you see another cloth bum...and you know you’ve found someone to talk to.
  3. Charcoal vs microfibre vs bamboo is a far more fascinating conversation than Strictly.
  4. The guilt when you put your baby in a single-use….and ten minutes later she fills it.
  5. You’ve got the baby to bed early and you’re sitting with your laptop, drumming your fingers while you wait. The reason? Your favourite brand is launching new prints at 8pm.
  6. A big bum is a cute bum.
  7. Sunlight truly is the most incredible stain remover.
  8. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.
  9. Buying baby clothes because they coordinate with your nappies is ridiculously satisfying.
  10. Pre-children, leaving your washing on the line in the rain was a minor disaster. Now, you think of it as a nice little freshen-up.
  11. ‘Up-the-back’ poos are not inevitable.
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