Doing your bit - the fun way

You know what you should be doing to be planet-kind. Turning off your chargers. Eating less meat. Going reusable. But let’s face it, it’s not easy to get excited about changing electricity supplier.

So, to brighten things up a bit - and with a little help from our lovely friends over at Making Good - here are our top five ways to feel good about doing good.

1) Join the Craftivist Collective

The Craftivist Collective is about using craft as a tool for gentle activism to influence long-term change. Craftivists create by themselves or with a group - the collective has kits and inspiration to get you going and support for creating your own group.

(Recommended by Emily Mathieson, founder of online interiors store Aerende which is environmentally sensitive and supports marginalised workers.)

2) Plant trees when you search the web

Google makes money by putting ads in front of you when you search. Ecosia uses the same model - but instead of using the profit for its own pockets, it uses it to plant trees. Almost 25 million trees have been planted thanks to Ecosia users - which has just seen a big boost in popularity because it doesn’t track users or sell their data.

(Recommended by Annie Moon at Be The Difference Virtual Assistant Services)

3) Play games to buy rice was recommended by Fiona, who says “I love the website if you want to procrastinate but still feel like you're helping people”. Test your knowledge with a quiz on subjects ranging from Latin to geography: every answer you get right means 10 grains of rice are donated via the UN’s world food programme, thanks to the site’s advertising deals.

4) Volunteer with your reusable nappy library

Who doesn’t love a natter about cloth bums? Nappy libraries do amazing work in supporting families thinking about cloth nappies - but lots of them are crying out for volunteers to manage kits, raise awareness and advise parents. You can find your local library here.

5) Kickstart the next big idea

Lots of us have heard of crowdfunding, but not many of us have ever taken part. Sites like Kickstarter and it’s UK equivalent Crowdfunder have lots of environmental projects, while sites like Patreon support artists and creators. In return for a few pounds, you can get exclusive memberships and discounts and know you’re supporting something that makes a difference.

 What are your feel-good ways of doing good?


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