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Cloth nappy tips for beginners

Here are our top tips for beginners with cloth nappies. It's easier than you think.

One a day can make a difference

You don't have to start big - we really believe that one a day can make a difference. It does not have to be all or nothing. Start by introducing one cloth nappy a day and increase when YOU feel ready. It really isn't a competition to see who is saving the environment that much more. It is about doing what you can, one bit at a time.

Take your time

You don't have to start as soon as your baby is born - in fact most mums we talk to started a few months into parenthood the first time. Get into your own pattern at home and start using cloth when you feel ready to. More often than not 6 months seems to be the most popular time to start as your baby and you will have settled into a routine.

Getting out and about

Going out in cloth is really not a challenge -  If you have the right supplies then you will be fine. I would suggest taking a short trip out first to boost your confidence. You will need the usual change mat and wipes but also a nappy bag.

Different types of nappies

Not every nappy will suit your baby - you have to find the find one for you. There is nothing wrong with having a few different types in your stash. Read reviews, join in the chat with our community and start with a selection of 5. Babies come in all shapes and sizes so this is why we recommend birth to potty so they can adapt to your baby but that doesn't mean you will like them. 

Do you remember the first time you used cloth? What tips would you pass on to a parent considering the switch this week?

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