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Cloth Bum Mum: Reusable wipes, a step too far?

Do you know that face you pull when you see the weather report for your holidays you’ve been eagerly anticipating…. And it’s rain for a week? Yeah? Well that was the face I pulled when Eve asked me to give reusable wipes a try.

Hmmm, that’s a step too far for my liking, I mean admittedly, I am totally converted on the cloth nappy situation but wipes… ew, that’s just too much.

However, I’m a sucker for anything Eve wants to throw at me to try and so the trial commenced - with a grimace - and I was pretty convinced it would be a week or so trial, reverting back to pampers or boots (whichever is on offer or in the nearest shop!) as soon as said trial was complete.

Now here comes that face again, the one where you have to admit you were wrong and ask for some more as I realised how much less hassle it was to:

  1. Not have a throw away nappy bag out for putting the wipe in and then go to the bucket/wet bag and put the nappy in
  2. Separate the non flushable wipes from the nappies before emptying nappy contents into the loo. No, there is none of that any more as it all goes in the same place. So basically, from bucket to washing machine and all out for using again - it’s such a no brainer!

Don’t get me wrong, I still have disposable wipes for whatever else we tend to use them for (cleaning up yoghurt from the carpet for instance) but I am more than happy to go out without a full pack in tow. I always take the washables out with me now – and I take them wet so that I don’t need to find a tap in an emergency. The sharp reduction in the purchase of wipes is definitely noticeable in our house.

They are so much kinder on baby’s skin too, especially if there are any sore bits, as they don’t contain the chemicals that the disposable ones do so won’t sting on contact

See, there’s that face pulling again… ouch!!

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