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Cloth Bum Mum: Meet Laura

This week we are introducing you to some of our Baba + Boo community. This week it is Facebook Fan Laura.

Hi I'm Laura and I live in Crawley,  West Sussex with my husband Richard and our two boys, Samuel 4 and Carter 11months.

We never used cloth with our older son as I it sounded like hard work to me. However whilst pregnant with Carter I noticed lots of friends on twitter were using them and raving about them. I did some research and was shocked by how much disposable nappies cost, financially and environmentally. I was also surprised to see how cute some cloth nappies actually were.

It took some time to convince my husband to give them a go. I think the turning point for him was seeing some nappies in the antenatal ward at the hospital and realising they were very simple to use.  We ordered a starter kit from Eve at Baba + boo and we began using them when Carter was two weeks old and 11 months on we still are.

The only tip I would have for beginners would be to have a bit of patience. It can be a bit trial and error to start with until you figure out how many inserts work for your baby and what kinds. Oh and to invest in lots of cute pairs of baby legs as stretching baby trousers over fluffy bums can be hard work.

Every family member is supportive of us using cloth. Grandparents comment on how lovely and simple modern cloth is compared to terry nappies of old. Every babysitter Carter has had has never had an issue with changing him, I normally give a quick demo just in case though.

I don't have one favourite but I take a 'liking' to different ones occasionally. Right now I am loving the Baba + Boo 'tinkle tinkle little star'.

I wash my nappies on a cold rinse first, then at 40ºc with a small amount of non bio then put on a final rinse after. I occasionally use white vinegar to strip them back. If its dry I will peg out to dry (love seeing my fluff on the line), but if not I hang them on an airer in our airing cupboard.

The only tip I have is to stock up on charcoal inserts. They are amazing. My relatively heavy wetter can last a long while with just one charcoal and one bamboo insert.

Thanks for sharing with us Laura - we love to see what our fans think and it's great to be able to share tips and experiences with you!

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