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Cloth Bum Mum: Kerry, a new cloth nappy convert

Kerry is a mummy blogger who contacted me a while ago as she was really keen to try real nappies. She tried some Baba+Boo cloth nappies and now she is a total convert - yay! Kerry has kindly written a post for us about her journey to becoming a cloth nappy addict..

I was delighted when Eve approached me to guest blog for Baba & Boo. It is with thanks to Eve that I am now a Real Nappy Convert. I am a mum to 2 boys on 2 year old who is fully toilet trained (And who loves his Baba+Boo cow print pants!) and a 10 month old. We started using real nappies about 2 months ago, before then I had honestly never used one or even brought one

After using just 2 reusable nappies, I knew I was going to be a convert! I was amazed at how easy cloth nappies are to use, all that needs doing is a pre wash before use (I done this by 2-3 cold rinse cycles on a washing machine) Most nappies can also be tumble dried which makes things even easier.

There are so many patterns to choose from, unisex, girls & boys, I even use fleece liners in my son’s nappies as I still like to use nappy cream and the liners seem to offer more protection to the nappies rather than flushable liners.

When it comes to washing the reusable nappies, I have now got a routine of doing a nappy wash every other day, I have even done a nappy wash in with normal clothes without fabric conditioner if I have been running short on nappies to use.

The thing that attracted me to real nappies is knowing that they are better on my little ones skin, and that I am helping then environment. They also look adorable, with so many stunning designs you can match outfits, babylegs and shoes.

Cloth nappies can also vary on price, you can get ‘Internet Cheapies’ Some of which are not as high quality as better makes.

I have 18 nappies which suits us fine, we do get through more when my son is teething which then also means more soiled nappies!! Some which can be very interesting to clean but once you have found the way that is easiest for you (Mine is to flush the worst off the fleece liner, then rinse the nappy and liner in warm water and put into the nappy bucket) you manage to do it as quickly as a wet nappy.

I would certainly recommend anyone to try cloth nappies, they are no longer bulky looking like they were years ago, and once you have your nappy stash built up you do not need to spend any further money unlike disposable nappies, Reusable nappies can last from birth to potty which also means for more than one child, and for night time just add another insert (bamboo is a lot more absorbent so I use a microfibre insert and a bamboo insert), and of course without a doubt I would highly recommend Baba+Boo for their great selection of nappies, nappy bags, nappy bins and much much more including their outstanding quality items, their fantastic value for money and amazing customer service too.

I am a nappy convert and I hope this will help you become a convert too!!

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