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Climbing mountains is hard. Washing nappies is not.

This week in our Clothee Break, we talked about the objections you faced from friends and family when you talked about you wanting to try reusable nappies. It was a fascinating chat and astounding at the myths out there. You'd think you have said you want to climb Everest without oxygen and not that you want to try washing some nappies.

We have always said that reusable nappies fit in with you and not the other way around. They are not hard to use and you don't need a PhD in laundry techniques to know how to wash them. Contrary to what people who have never used one has told you.

From the comments of 'rather you than me' to 'you'll need two washing machines' and a lot of 'you'll never manage', we have drawn the conclusion that you need a lot of grit and determination to show people that you did manage and no, you didn't need two washing machines. The hard work is not in the washing machines, it is in the act of showing your friends and family that they are not 'hard work'.

As a parent, there is a lot of hard work involved. Physically and mentally. From sleepless nights, carrying a baby who won't go in a pushchair, learning non-verbal communication and generally just getting out of the house.

They are hard. Sticking nappies in a washing machine? Easy. True, there are a few extra steps involved than putting a nappy in the bin. But they are, in the main, nice additions to your routine:

  • Choosing which nappy matches your little one's outfit
  • Having your little one choose their nappy is adorable
  • Stuffing nappies is very therapeutic
  • Seeing your nappies out of the washing line can make your heart sing
  • The satisfaction of knowing you have not put nappies in the bin
  • Being part of a community

True, dealing with the poop isn't nice but you have to do that with a single use anyway. It come with the deal of being a parent.

The hard work is not in using reusable nappies. It's in the convincing of people that you can do it. So maybe you are climbing a mountain. One day it won't be like that and it will be normal again to wash nappies. By changing your reusable nappies and sharing how happy it makes you, you are making that mountain a little easier to climb for other parents. 

Go mountain goats. Go changemakers. Go you.


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