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Changing Nappies Together

I am a huge believer in gratitude and practise it daily by writing in a journal. It helps me be still in the crazy world of running a business alongside my not-so-side hustle of being a PA to two very active and sociable children. Each night I sit with my children and we have to tell each other three things we have been grateful for that day. My customers usually feature heavily in my things to be grateful for list.

I am not keen on the word customers, consumer or fan. Or follower. I do struggle with what to call all the lovely people who support our brand and our mission. I’ve always thought you as more than that. Then I saw this post from @scratch_posts on one of my brief scrolls through Instagram.

That’s it. This is what I feel about you. You are the co-creators of Baba+Boo.

I get a stack of emails and social media messages every day. Emails of thanks, suggestions and ideas. I love that you feel so invested in Baba+Boo and take time out of your day to get in touch. You send me ideas of what prints you would like to see, what other products you would like to us to start developing and put us in touch with people who you think could help to make reusables the new normal. More often than not, it is just an email asking if you can help in any way. With anything.

You leave reviews on our website, get in touch to ask what else you can do. You help parents who are new to cloth on our hangout with their questions. You talk to parents at groups, work and nursery about us. About reusables and how simple they are to use and the detrimental effects that single-use are having on our planet.

That’s not consuming. That is influencing. That is change-making. That is co-creating.

Collectively, all the small steps we are making are going to lead to big changes. Disposables and reusables were discussed in the mainstream media a couple of weeks ago. This snowball is only going to get bigger and bigger. And one day, you can look back and say ‘I did that’.



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Thanks for sharing this wonderful relationship with the folks who buy your products! This is exactly what I had in mind when I made that Insta post. 😊


What a beautifully written letter, the sentiment is entirely mutual! I think every single one of us is honored to co-create the cutest, driest and most personal cloth bums on the market!


I love this :)


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