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Changing a wriggly baby 

I know from experience that often, when babies are mobile, the last thing they want to do is stay still and have their nappy changed.  I mean, the discovery of movement is a magnificent thing, why ever stop?!

I had to learn the ‘octopus’ technique very quickly with my youngest daughter, who was never compliant when it came to having her nappy changed!

Here at my top tips for changing an Octopus Wriggly Baby!

The choice is yours

    Whilst this issue is not unique to reusable nappy changes, the reusable user does have a distinct advantage in that at least their nappies are interesting to look at.  When your baby is old enough, simply letting them choose their next nappy allows your baby to acknowledge what is coming next.


      This almost always works for many situations with young children, I’m sure you’ll have seen many a baby holding a toy, a book or a device.  You could even try having a song that you sing at change times, just like you might have at bedtime.  Mine was Que Sera Sera by Doris Day – I have no idea why but there you go!

      Deactivate the Octopus

        Sometimes 1 and 2 simply wouldn’t cut it so I recall once seeing a technique a fellow mum put into action whilst out at a coffee shop once and it worked, without fail, every single time.  This technique would require your baby to have abdominal muscles to rival Joe Wicks’ to be able to wriggle out of.  I shall explain what I witnessed which I shall be forever grateful for;

        This super mum, lay her baby down on her lap, baby’s head at her knees, so that her baby’s head was ever so slightly lower than the rest of her body yet still supported, she then proceeded to change her baby’s [reusable] nappy in double quick time and before I knew it she was off playing with her little friends again.

        She must have seen my jaw hit the floor so she explained and advised me to try it myself – lay flat on a bed with your head supported and do a sit-up.  Then push your head a little bit over the edge and do it again – you’ll find it’s a lot harder when your head is just slightly lower than the rest of your body!

        I hope these little tips help to game change the nappy change. Do you have any tips you can share with our community? Please do share below.

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