Celebrating Reusable Nappy Week by reducing waste and increasing kindness

One of our goals at Baba+Boo is reduce waste and increase kindness. There is no other week like Reusable Nappy Week to do both in an impactful way.

Mum and baby on a rubbish dump


This week we will raising awareness of reusable nappies and showing parents the small steps that they can take to begin using them. We will also be raising awareness of the plight of families who live and work on rubbish dumps, who are supported by a fantastic charity called The Small Steps Project. For the 5th year, we will be donating 10% of sales from this week to Small Steps Project, who are dedicated to helping children who work on rubbish sites around the world.

15 million people in the developing world survive by salvaging waste, with many of them young children who need to do this to survive. Babies often accompany their mothers, who have no choice but to take their newborn babies onto landfill sites so they can work. The Small Steps Project helps to provide mother and baby groups, doctors and antenatal care, along with shoes for the children who are working on the sites.

Our work at Baba+Boo is to keep nappies away from rubbish dumps and this feels like a perfect way to do raise some funds and awareness of this amazing charity during Reusable Nappy Week. 

This week we will be talking about the small steps that you can take, or encourage others to take on their path to using reusables. Each step will be a small simple step that can make the world of difference. Literally. One nappy might buy a mosquito net for a mum and baby.

By changing your nappies this week, you will also be changing lives.

Including your own.



Photo © Small Steps Project





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