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Capturing family memories

One thing I think most new parents have in common is the compulsion to take a million photos of their newborn baby.  Of course, you should – they change so quickly in those first few days and weeks, I definitely recommend taking dozens of photos every day – those memories need to be treasured.

While you’re in awe of your tiny little person though, it’s easy to forget, that you’ve just become a family – so remember to take time to record that too – starting a family album is the perfect way to do so.  Either buy yourself a nice big photo album or investigate the different options online (most places where you can print photos offer free storage too – Photobox & Kodak are my personal favourites).

Then you just need to remember to take photos of people other than the tiny little baby of the house!  Here’s a list of must-have photo suggestions – refer to it every couple of weeks or so to make sure you’re taking a good selection of shots rather than just endless gorgeous baby pics!

  • Mummy & Baby
  • Daddy & Baby
  • Mummy, Daddy & Baby (These are often the hardest to remember to take, and it’s such a shame! – either figure out the timer on your camera or remember to ask visitors to take photos of all three of you together)
  • Baby & the family pet.
  • Baby’s first ride in the pram/car.
  • Baby & Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles – remember, all those relatives are excited too – and it’ll be nice in the future to show your little one who was round in their early days.
  • Baby & their favourite toy.
  • Baby’s first night in their own room.
  • Baby making friends – shots with your friend's children or other babies at post-natal groups, etc.

At the end of baby’s first year, you should have a great selection of photos which you can collate into an album, or have printed as a photo book – full of wonderful memories to treasure forever.

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