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Can you be a reusable nappy hero this Earth Day?

Can you help us distribute these boxes of nappies to local community groups? We are looking for 30 Nappy Heroes to help get these boxes to charities and community groups who support parents in need.

Our vision is a world full of gentle changemakers and that starts with you, our amazing community. You change the world every day when you change your reusable nappies. But can you help even more to create change by distributing these nappies to your local community groups who help those in need?

We have 1500 nappies. That's 30 boxes of 50 nappies that we would like to go to local community groups. If you would like to be one of our 30 volunteers, please click here to fill out your details.

Next week is Reusable Nappy Week and we are grateful that we get to work with you, our community, to create change and help get more babies in reusables. 

If you don't know any groups off the top of your head, here are some tips to try and find some:

  • Google 'local support groups for parents' or look on Facebook for the same thing.
  • Contact food banks, we have donated lots to food banks over the years
  • Ask your health visitor who will know of local support groups
  • Church playgroups usually offer support to parents

When we did this during the pandemic for NHS workers, we were blown away by the response and we cannot wait to work with you again.

Team Baba+Boo x

PS this photo looks like a health and safety hazard...the boxes are empty!

PPS this is for community groups in the UK and Ireland only.


  • My daughter loves picking out which nappy to wear, she loves all of her Baba+boo prints the most out of all the brands we have.

    Louie McEwan
  • We love our Baba boo nappies, they never leak even at night ❤️

  • We are based in Liverpool and support new mums across the city. We provide a Moses basket filled with everything needed for a new baby and a full toiletry pack for mum and babies, this includes a minimum of 4 packets of nappies. We work through a referral process to ensure the baskets and toiletries are going to mums that really do need some help and support. The inclusion of these nappies would be fantastic, the mums that get our baskets would not be able to afford to purchase them themselves. We currently gift about 5 baskets and toiletry sets a week. Thanks Gill

    Gill Ruane
  • Happy to give reusabale baba boo nappies to charity

    Sarah Giles
  • Dear Eve,
    I would be very keen to discuss with you a project I have been working on, that supports children and families in the Tendring area of Essex. I think that they would benefit from one of your boxes of reusable nappies to help mothers who are on low income and who struggle to afford even the basics for their children.
    I was part of a team from Health Education East Of England who arranged a community networking event to link up various agencies working in the Tendring area. The event was held yesterday at Tendring Community Centre and the need for community support projects such as your initiative, was acutely evident.
    I am discussing with my co-organisers of the event which of the many agencies that were there yesterday would be best to put forward as a nomination for this nappy giveaway initiative, and will fill in the nomination form soon.
    If you would like to know more in the meantime please do get in touch via email above, and perhaps we could arrange to speak further on how Baba and Boo may be able to help.
    with best wishes,
    Dr Dominic Silk

    Dominic Silk

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