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Books v Wine

Pre-children, I was never far from a book. From the age of 3, my mum said I wouldn't leave the house if I didn't have at least 3 books in my bag. She said it was the most important thing part of her daily routine, to ensure I had my books. My love of books never left me and I am never far from a book.

Then my first baby arrived, then my second and then my third - Baba+Boo. Reading books became one of those pastimes I longed for but just didn't have the time to really get stuck into them and just gave up. I've probably read 5 books in 5 years. So arrived the days where I wasn't far from a glass of wine instead of a book. I joked about being a bit more chilled around the kids when I had wine. A lady at The Baby Show came up to me and said 'are you the one that survives on wine?'. Then Louisa was playing tea sets one day and gave me a glass of wine and Nana a cup of tea. It told a tale and I realised I wasn't setting the best example.

So I decided to have a dry January and suddenly I had time to read. Instead of staying up to maybe finish a bottle of wine, I have started to go to bed and snuggle with my book. In January, I read 4 books. Instead of looking forward to having a bottle of wine, I was looking forward to finishing my work for the evening and reading my book.

Instead of feeling rough at weekends and taking it in turns to go downstairs with the children, we have a weekend snuggle in our bed with our books, while feeling fresh. It's heavenly, one of those treats I thought I would have to wait until their teenage years for. Not having a drink on a Friday night has been a bit strange but I'm loving being feeling fresh and finding that elusive time I'm always looking for.

I doubt very much that I will never have another glass of wine but I'm glad it's not defining me and my time anymore and yay for more books!

I've mentioned on Facebook, that maybe we should start a little book club? Would anyone be interested? Maybe, we could choose a book of the month to read. It would be lovely to get some recommendations to read. Recently I read The Snow Child, which was like a fairy tale set in Alaska, a truly enchanting book. I have also read Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman. A powerful book which is such a powerful book narrated by an 11-year-old boy and his view of British society, having just moved from Ghana. It is distressing and a story that needs to be told. Maybe a book that teenagers should be reading in their English classes.

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